Collection: Console Tables and Side Tables

Our console tables and side tables are truly unique and undeniably one of a kind.
Made with chunky thick reclaimed French Oak once used on the railways dating back many years and still displaying the original bolt holes and blackened grain we have created a master piece with up cycled spent cartridge shells from our local shooting club.
Console tables and Side tables are layered with resin to seal items in the centre channel and although our favourite is spent shells we have also made these with North Sea Cobbles which look gorgeous when topped with resin showing up all the beautiful natural colours as well as Casino Chips and dice.
We can also make a solid oak top for you without a channel in the centre which we can polish or resin and add some shots in the bolt holes, peg them, or leave the holes exposed.
We are happy to make something bespoke to your own requirement so if you would like some shots added from a memorable shoot or you would like industrial pipe legs rather than hair pin legs then please let us know and we will do our best to create something with you .