Collection: Storage Trunk Style Boxes

We came up with the idea of The Voyager Storage Box as no matter how much space we all have we tend to fill it very quickly with over spilling draws, and bursting wardrobes, items shoved under the bed, and trying desperately to find misplaced items.

This results in buying plastic boxes to store our excess which are not desirable either so we now need to conceal these too ……somewhere !

Realising there is a high demand for extra storage but storage that we too do not want to end up storing away we came up with a design.

The Voyager Trunk Style Storage Box is a storage box that does not need to be stored away as it is undeniably so grand it simply has to be flaunted in all its glory.

With the combination of cowhide and leatherette mixed with hand cut Italian leather, corner ears, studs, and hand stitched leather handles, this agreeably is no ordinary box and certainly not something to hide .

The Voyager Storage Box reminisces memories and in fact takes us back to our ancestors where trunks were used on long voyages across the sea.

Luggage trunks were exposed for everyone to observe and that is exactly why there was rivalry and competition with dressing of a trunk from the hardware, to the studs, wood, and leather.

Trunks were a bold statement and that is exactly what we have designed and created for you.