The Gun Dog Bowl Stands

Our Gun Dog Bowl Stands with hair pin legs will add a simple touch of rustic elegance and an undeniably bold statement to your home.
Constructed from chunky reclaimed French Oak sleepers that were once used on the French railways and on some pieces still display the original bolt holes where the sleeper was fastened.
Blackened dust is embedded into the grain of the wood maintaining its old rustic look as well as original waney edges along the length.
The oak has been branded with our stag head logo adding to the unique handmade finish.

Carefully hand sanded so as not to disturb the natural grain then embedded with several spent shells and topped with layers of resin bringing out the natural colours of the grain as well as leaving the surface smooth to the touch and wipeable for any spills.

Industrial style metal hairpin legs with rubber protection feet complete the stylish look and structure to this gorgeous feeding station as well as elevating the stand to a comfortable height allowing your pooch to drink or eat without having to bend their neck too low which is particularly helpful for older dogs or those with joint difficulties.

We incorporated spent shells shown in our image for the shooting enthusiast and Gun Dog in mind adding a unique difference but if you would prefer your stand without the spent shells please message me, or alternatively you may wish to bespoke your stand using your own spent shells from a memorable shoot of which we will be more than happy to add for you at no extra cost.
We show a two bowl combination in our images but if you wish to have more than two bowls added then please message us for a cost and we would be happy to accommodate you.

An ideal gift for birthday, housewarming, Christmas, or a gift for your pet.