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Reclaimed French Oak Buffet / Canapé Tray

Reclaimed French Oak Buffet / Canapé Tray

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Our gorgeous oak buffet tray has been cut from a Belgium Oak sleeper that was originally used on Belgium railways dating back many years.

This cut piece of chunky sleeper still displays its original live waney edges on either side of the length of the tray and exposes the blackened grain in some areas as well as the original bolt holes from where the sleepers were fixed which we have left exposed to keep the original rustic features intact.

If you want to incorporate your shooting sport we can place 12 bore spent cartridges in the original bolt holes to fill them in so please advise and we would be more than happy to do this for you at no extra cost.

We have hand sanded this gorgeous piece of oak so as not to disrupt the original grain and coated it several times with a satin water based varnish which brings out the natural beauty and colour of the grain as well as leaving a smooth finish. A small stags head has been branded into the corner of the tray for that extra bespoke touch .
We have added two hand cut and hand stitched chunky Italian leather handles with a small embossed stag head on each handle (shown in dark brown) which have been screwed in place and then topped with beautiful metal screw caps which are shown in shiny gold which completes the final look.
The underside of the tray has black felt pads for protection.

Each buffet tray is unique with its grain and waney edges and simply tells its own story therefore no two pieces will ever be the same.

An ideal gift for wedding, anniversary, housewarming, engagement, birthday, etc.
A gorgeous piece that lends itself anywhere particularly lending itself to the country home as well as the modern home bringing in the old with the new.
Handles are available in dark brown and black.

Screw cap covers are available in shiny gold, black, or satin chrome finish.

Additional Information

# please note :
Spillages need to be wiped immediately as this could affect the water based varnish if left to sit.
Food should not be placed directly onto the wooden tray we recommend using small dishes to place food onto as the varnish is water based and could harbour bacteria.
Do not submerse into water.
Wipe clean with soapy water and dry after use.

Dimensions: Approx :
68.5 cm length x 24.5 cm width x 2.5cm thick

Please message for up to date delivery times.
Leather handles are handmade and hand stitched therefore this item can take two weeks to produce, however we always try to keep a couple in stock.

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