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Tan Ringneck and Black Guinea Fowl Hat / Lapel Feather Brooch (CURRENTLY UNAVAILABLE)

Tan Ringneck and Black Guinea Fowl Hat / Lapel Feather Brooch (CURRENTLY UNAVAILABLE)

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Our beautiful handmade feather pin brooches are sophisticated and elegant and a perfect accessory for every occasion .
We source beautiful feathers from ethical resources in various colours and sizes to make up our brooches. Our feathers are carefully arranged and fixed onto a piece of Italian leather hand pressed in the shape of a petal which secures the feathers and the antique brass coloured bar pin sturdily and although not seen from the front of the arrangement the leather back adds to our finishing touch and attention to detail that we pride ourselves on. We finish our beautiful arrangement of feathers with a polished 12 bore shot secured at the base of the arrangement. We can also add a Swarovski Crystal to the shot for an added sparkle.
The Tan Ring Neck and Black Guinea Fowl brooch is a stunning arrangement with beautiful dark brown and black striped markings and beautiful tones of the countryside appear in these feathers that will blend well with most colours.
Measuring 21 cm long it is ideal for your fedora but also a statement piece worn on your lapel.
Wear your brooch as an elegant accessory for a shooting event, countryside pursuit, charity event, a ball, or a wedding but whatever the occasion these gorgeous feather pin brooches will compliment your fedora hat, the lapel of your jacket, cape, or a button hole.
An ideal keepsake gift for him or for her for birthdays, christmas, anniversary, valentines, etc .
We are more than happy as always to bespoke any orders for you if you have a certain requirement for a colour to match an outfit or a different coloured Swarovski Crystal added, button holes for weddings, or to dress your napkins for the head table or your guests tables at your wedding, the list is endless . Just let us know what we can do to accommodate your needs and we will be more than happy to help you .

Approx size : 21 cm long x 10 cm widest point

With Plain shell cartridge
Price £ 11.50

With Swarovski Crystal shell cartridge
Price £ 12.95

Additional Information

Please Note: Feathers may differ in shape and size from photograph image
Aftercare: Carefully steam feathers that become bent or out of shape, gently manipulate and smooth back into shape with fingers.
Store back in box after wearing for protection.

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