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The GameKeeper Leather Lanyard

The GameKeeper Leather Lanyard

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Our hand made Italian Leather Lanyard with a 20 bore spent cartridge is totally unique and different from the common Lanyard.
A perfect accessory for keys, whistle, identity tag, bottle opener ( see our ‘ Sharp Shooter’ under accessory category ) etc.

Lanyard derives from the french word ‘ Laniere’ which means a strap or thong.
Dating back the first Lanyards were very simple straps which were originally made from rope or cord that were found aboard a ship and further tied around a pistol, sword, or whistle, to free the hands.

Lanyards have become extremely popular these days and are now a chic fashion accessory.

We designed our GameKeeper Lanyard with the shooting and country enthusiast in mind by cleverly incorporating a 20 bore spent cartridge to the leather strap thus creating a Lanyard with a statement edge, which is not only unique, but very different from the common Lanyards on the market.

The GameKeeper is robust and sturdy, and made to last with a 3mm thick and 10mm wide hand cut Italian Leather strap.

The strap has been positioned together in a way that both face sides of the leather are visible.
The strap is further hand stitched with a fold securing a brass D Ring in place.
A wider short band of leather is further added to the D Ring which contains a spent 20 bore cartridge held secure with a rivet which replaces the original primer of the cartridge.
The GameKeeper is completed with a sturdy metal gold coloured lobster clasp to hold your accessories keeping your pockets free.

Available in Tan or Dark Brown.

Presented in a black gift box with a velvet pad lining.

A perfect gift for him or for her.
An ideal gift for your wedding party, birthday, anniversary, Christmas, retirement, graduation, etc.

Additional Information

Dimensions : Approx:

Overall length to bottom of lobster clasp: 980 mm

Length of whole strap: 890 mm

Width of strap: 10 mm

Width of additional leather strap containing shot: 21 mm

Thickness of strap: 3mm

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Customer Reviews

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I just wanted to let you know having received one of these Gamekeeper Leather Lanyards as a gift I will be very happy wearing it this season .In preparation for the shooting season ahead I have started to sort out all the items needed and have put my trusty whistle and horn onto the new lanyard. It is well made an I have no doubt it will gives years of good service. I would not hesitate to recommend any of the products on this web site either for personal use or as a gift. If you are looking for a bespoke item as my wife was , I also recommend you talk to Michelle who may well be able to help you.
P Dunn