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The Lumiere Candelabra with Reclaimed Oak

The Lumiere Candelabra with Reclaimed Oak

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The Lumiere is an absolutely spectacular eye catching centre piece that will add charm and ultimate elegance to the centre of your table, console table, coffee table, or even on the fireplace mantel.
Wherever you decide to place this gorgeous piece it will take pride anywhere and will most certainly be an eye catcher.

The Lumiere with its 5 tall elegant candle holders constructed from iron and steele stand in all their glory.
Equally and presentably displayed on a rustic solid reclaimed french oak base which originates from french railway sleepers dating back many years and still display some original bolt holes which held the sleepers in place.

We have left the bolt holes exposed to keep the rustic original features in tact and if you prefer we can place spent 12 bore cartridges or oak pegs in the existing bolt holes so please advise and we are happy to do this for you ( no extra charge ).

This is a gorgeous piece of chunky oak that is 25 mil thick, and the front and back show off the live rustic waney edges.
The oak is 
hand sanded and coated several times with a satin varnish to bring out the woods natural beauty.

The 5 candle holders have been put together using bolts, pipes and sockets.
The two holders at the back stand at an impressive 46 cm height and have a gorgeous curved branch on each side which allows for two candles to be placed in each of these two holders.
There are 3 further candle holders standing equally placed in front of these the tallest one in the centre being 29 cm tall.

These candleholders certainly do take pride on the chunky reclaimed oak slab fixed by hand using black Japanned slotted screws and each candle holder is polished and lacquer coated leaving a light finished sheen.
The Lumiere holds 7 dinner candles ( not supplied ).

We did not stop there with this beauty we added two of our hand cut and hand stitched Italian leather chunky handles with an embossed stag head on each handle which are positioned either side of the reclaimed oak base to add to the finished touch.
Handles shown in dark brown have been screwed in place and then topped with screw caps to complete the final look. 

An ideal gift for the home, wedding, house warming, engagement, retirement, birthday etc.

Handles are available in dark brown or black.

Screw caps are available in satin chrome, satin black, or shiny gold. 

Additional Information

Dimensions : approx :

Oak base : 68.5 cm length x 24.5 cm width

Height (tallest candle holder ) 46 cm

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