Luxury Bird Houses

The ultimate in luxury and bespoke bird houses with high end features and rustic charm, truly adorable and one of a kind !

Our hand made and hand crafted lodges will give your feathered friends a beautiful classy home to colonise and as well look an absolutely stunning feature and addition to your outdoor space. Our lodges have been made with exceptional attention to detail on every aspect even down to the fun quirky accessories placed around the lodge. Please view details of individual lodges for full descriptions.

The base of the the bird house cut from a large 2 inch thick slab of Douglas Fir with a live waney edge offers birds a place to rest before entering their gorgeous lodge.

Exterior grade ply is constructed to make the interior shelter which has then been time consumingly covered in hand picked beach pebbles using natural camouflage colours to blend in with nature’s environment insuring safety of nesting birds from predators .Smaller pebbles are carefully placed around the entrance opening creating a guard to prevent predators from pecking a larger hole to enter.

The opening size is 28mm attracting most common garden birds including great tits, tree sparrows, and pied flycatchers. Different hole sizes for different bird species can be made at your request for the species you want to attract.

The pebbles are all grouted in place and two coats of satin outdoor varnish is applied which accentuates and brings out all the natural colours of the pebbles as well as completely sealing and protecting the exterior from the elements making the house completely watertight. We do not coat any varnish inside the bird lodge for protection of ingestion to the birds.

All lodges have a stunning dummy entrance door and quirky overhanging frame made from solid oak which has also been protected with two coats of varnish. Each lodge also has its own unique door mat that varies between the different lodges.

All lodges have the cutest life like windows made from wood which are hand coated in resin which creates glass like panes to each window as well as protect them from the elements.

Logs have been hand cut into slices and each lodge has its own quirky name hand inscribed with a pyrography wood burning tool and you can change the name if you desire.

Reclaimed rustic slate has been cut to size and added to the apex of the roof structure leaving a weather proof overhang to the front of the lodge. The sides of the lodge are further extended for added protection from the elements .The slate is then wax polished bringing out its own natural beauty and the slate in itself protects from any spike of extreme weather allowing snow or rain to run free as well as being resistant to mould. Slate also has the advantage of conducting heat to keep the warmth in. We have added ventilation holes to the upper sides of the lodge to prevent overheating as well as drainage holes in the four corners of the internal base and the underside of the Douglas fir wood slab.

Solid oak gables with exposed pins are added for the finishing touch .The oak has also been protected with two coats of satin outdoor varnish .
A masonry chimney structure adorns these gorgeous lodges either running up the side of the lodge and cut into the roof or placed on top of the apex of roof depending on which lodge you choose which is then completed with a slate cap on the top.

Reclaimed lead is cut by hand and added to the ridge of the roof with a quirky finial which overhangs the gable and lead is further added to the base of the chimney for that added finishing touch .
The back of the lodge is the only part not constructed in small pebbles and shows the exterior ply which has been coated twice in satin outdoor varnish and finely sanded for a smooth finish.

We came up with an inventive solution using an 80 mil desk cable grommet which allows you to turn the grommet for extra additional ventilation during those hot periods and/or install a camera to admire your feathered friends. By removing the face of the grommet gives you access to clean out the bird house after nesting season .This type of access is designed to be placed against a solid area to prevent predators from pecking and pulling the grommet free.

Three black solid steele brackets that are 3 mm thick have been secured onto the lodge for wall mounting .This is a very heavy item and needs the correct screws which will differ depending on where you fix your lodge therefore for this reason only we do not supply fixing screws .
The lodge can also be used on a stand or high walled area . If you prefer to have your lodge on a stand or high walled area etc then we can make this without the brackets if you require . We can also change the back opening with a wooden circle with two screws which can be easily removed by unscrewing which gives nesting birds more security and prevent a predator from possibly pulling at the grommet and entering.

Please see our individual listings for your choice of lodges .
Alternatively we can create you a lodge bespoke for your own preference whether this be an interest, hobby or shop, we will work with you to create something very special and unique.

# please note that although the internal constructed shell will always remain the same size the external lodge width and depth can differ from pictures as all pebbles are different thicknesses. The Douglas Fir base will always be cut to the same width but the depth will differ due to the natural waney edge of the wood .
Due to the hand made nature lodges will differ from oak cuts used and cobble sizes. Slate will have differences on waney edges, horseshoes will differ in size therefore no two pieces will ever be the same and this only adds to the reason why every piece is unique.

Novelty items described for the outside of the lodge will always be included but these may vary in size or colour or shape. Wellington boots will always remain in the same colours in green or black. Some novelty items may also eventually weather over time.

These items can be a potential choking hazard and young children need to be supervised if they are able to reach these small items.

This is a very heavy item and needs to be fixed to a solid stable surface.