Collection: Charcuterie Platters And Drinks Stand

Epoxy resin live edge Buffet Tray / serving platter / canapé board

These unique hand made extra large serving trays/buffet trays /canapé board are sure to impress and be admired by your guests at a dinner party or an intimate occasion or maybe an unusual gift for those that simply have everything.
An amazing gift for a wedding, housewarming, anniversary, bridal shower, best man, retirement or birthday, the list is endless.

This larger size buffet tray is environmentally friendly and ideal for use as a finger buffet tray to serve your appetisers, cheese, meat, sushi, and even desserts or displaying spirits.

Each serving tray is handmade and crafted using traditional tools and methods and custom-designed using resin that is poured onto reclaimed antique french oak which has been reclaimed from french railways.

The oak has irregular edges, cracks and sometimes holes from the original bolts which ultimately gives these trays a charming rustic appeal whilst creating an unexpected but beautiful look when added with resin which highlights the natural beauty.
Each tray has its own characteristic and appeal due to colour, longitudinal arrangement of natural fibres creating the grain, lustre and texture which will never be the same and will differ from each tray .

The centre of the trays are bespoke and have been uniquely designed with different arrangements whether it be playing cards and casino chips, spent gun shells, pheasant feathers or pebbles, and then topped with resin to seal the items in place .
Our trays are completed with black or dark brown approximately 8 mil thick beautiful hand made and hand stitched chunky Italian leather handles using traditional methods. One end of each handle is embossed with our mili stag head logo.
The handles are screwed into the tray and finished with screw on caps in either shiny gold plated colour, satin chrome, or satin black .

The underside of the tray has pads for protection from scratching .

# We love creating and making different things and would be happy to create something with you so let us know any requests you may have for making your tray exactly how you want it .
Whether it be shots used from a memorable shoot, your lucky chip, just let us know and we will try to accommodate you the best we can .

Please see our matching resin coasters .

Whilst all trays are unique and handmade and one of a kind please note although there will be close matches, wood grain and edges of oak will vary in thickness and waney edging.
Items added in resin will be as close as our pictures as possible but cards, chips, and dice, can move slightly during curing process and may not be in the exact position as the picture. Depending on spent shell availability the manufacturer of spent shell may be different from images as well as how many spent shells can be fitted into tray due to different oak widths.
The layers of resin pour can also impact slightly on the thickness of the tray, and length and width therefore sizes are approximate .

During the resin curing process and once the resin is mixed with wood, shots, pebbles,chips, and other items, some can produce air and in turn can cause bubbles which release in the epoxy resin while it is going through the curing stage, and whilst most can be controlled some fine bubbles may be visible, but this does not impact on the beauty of the finished product .

Leather handles can vary slightly in colour due to the natural inconsistencies in the hide .
Colours may appear slightly different from images.

Please note these items can take 3 – 4 weeks before they can be sent out due to the hand made process from the resin curing process to the leather handles being hand stitched but please note this time factor is what makes your item hand made, bespoke, and unique .

Care instructions :
Not intended for use in dishwasher, microwave, oven.
Do not use for cutting with a sharp knife.
Not to be submersed in water .
Do not use boiling hot items on the resin as this may mark the surface .
Wipe clean with warm soapy water and use a microfibre cloth to buff to prevent scratches .